Kevin’s Hybrid Marketing process is one of the most advanced marketing process available to get your inherited property sold.

We have taken the traditional MLS marketing process and enhanced it with:


*  The sense of urgency with the buyers.

*  Limited viewing days which pushed the sense of urgency.

*  53% more physical viewings of your home with our advanced process over the traditional standard open market process.

*  The removal of the list price which takes the price out of the process so that buyers can fall in love with the home.


*  Set sale date to get your home sold quickly and effectively at your   sellers expectations.

Kevin’s Hybrid process will get you the maximum exposure without the traditional open market time, you will not have to worry about your property becoming stale on the market place with buyers wondering what’s wrong with your inherited property.

Kevin’s hybrid process does not use lockboxes and we will never show your home without being the best light and presentation.

This is very important to only show your inherited property in the best possible condition and not giving the buyer any reason to discount the inherited property.

Kevin’s Hybrid process only allows your Advanced Real Estate Advisor to show your inherited property to potential buyers, this is very important as you have selected your Advisor and shown him all the unique features of your property that sets it apart the other competition on the market.

Kevin’s Hybrid process takes the list price and removes it from the sale, This is very important as with the traditional open market process buyers only look at your photos online with the list price, They will make a 5 second decision to even consider looking at your inherited property in person.

When the price is removed from the 5 second decision then the buyer has to look at the photos and make a decision if the inherited property is worth viewing in person.

This creates 53% more physical viewings of your home on the limited showing days, The buyers will be looking at the home with up to 100 people per viewing day.

Buyers will hear and see what other buyers are saying about your inherited property, this creates the fear of loss and buyers will tend to make offers very quickly thus resulting in your property selling for or above your expectations.

Kevin’s hybrid process is the only process available that negotiates your sales price up and not down, That is correct when using the traditional open market process if you there is no offers made within the first 10 days, then most of the time your agent will pressure you to lower your price.

Kevin nor any of his Advanced Real Estate Advisors will never ask you for a price reduction as there is no price to reduce.

Kevin has an innovative and PROVEN Advanced Marketing process

that allows sellers to sell their home for $ TOP DOLLAR $

Do you know that the traditional process fails you the seller and will cost you thousands in lost equity!
Do you know placing a price on your home will cost you thousands in lost equity!
Do you know why are evaluation process is flawed and will cost you thousands in lost equity!
Do you know that you are missing 75% of the buyers that are willing to pay the most for your home!
Do you know that you are missing 75% of the buyers that are willing to pay the most for your home!

Order my book and get the winning formula to get your inherited property SOLD!


This is the one only process that will insure that you are getting most for your inherited property in any market!




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