If you’re in line to receive an inheritance, you probably expect the process to be fast and straightforward — after all, the money is rightfully yours. However, most heirs are shocked to learn that this isn’t at all the case. Accessing an inheritance through probate is a lengthy and complex process full of setbacks and delays that prevent inheritors from receiving their money when they need it.

Luckily, there’s an easier solution for receiving your inheritance sooner. If your money is stuck in probate, you can get cash fast by seeking a probate loan or cash advance. Both provide an efficient way to access an inheritance without any risks or restrictions. Learn all about probate cash advances and probate loans to decide which is better for you.

Many people use the terms “probate loan” and “cash advance” interchangeably, but they do not mean the same thing. Probate loans and advances are two entirely different concepts with distinct processes and stipulations.

Like traditional loans, a probate loan is an allotment of money that a lender allows you to borrow while your estate goes through probate. You must pay interest on this loan and make monthly payments until you settle the estate.

A cash advance on probate is a way to obtain a portion of your inheritance before the estate settles through probate. Unlike a loan, when you get a cash advance, you do not have to make monthly payments, pay interest or provide collateral. Probate advances are non-recourse and come with no risk of non-payment, meaning that if there isn’t enough money in the estate to pay the probate funding provider, the borrower is not personally liable.

We can help you receive your inheritance money through cash advances in just 24 hours. You can enjoy the following benefits:


    * 100% secure: We keep your private information 100% secure

    * Fast, simple process: You can receive your cash advance right away. 

    * Use your money how you want: Our inheritance cash advances allow you to use your money as you wish. 

    * Credit and employment are not factors: 

    * No hidden fees:

    * We offer substantial rebates to clients who repay early.




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    First of all you may be asking yourself a few questions regarding your probate estate that you now have to handle.

    What is probate and what is happening right now?

    Why are the courts involved?

    What do I do with everything in the house?

    How do I pay all the debts?

    Do you really need to sell the home right now?

    What if I let my family members buy me out?

    If I choose to sell at a later time what are our liabilities and risks of holding on to the property?

    Will we lose any tax benefits if we hold on to the property?



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